Study tours and excursions are an integral part of the school curriculum. From one-day trips to long tours to far-off places, the school provides the impressionable minds a real-life experience beyond the bounds of their school and home. Such exposure to culture, creeds and cuisines distinctively different from what they see usually around them not only gifts precious moments to cherish but also broadens their outlook and helps them form a healthy, tolerant attitude towards cultural , ethnic and linguistic diversities. The school itinerary includes exotic locales-both local and distant, hill stations, places of historical importance, rare monuments, heritage sites and wildlife sanctuaries, to name a few.




Agra Trip


Jaipur Trip




  • My daughter really performed well in her presentation on Healthy vs Junk food. All credit goes to her mentors. I really appreciate the initiative taken by the school for the improvement of students' overall development. I wish the teachers and the PPS society a very good luck for their future endeavors. 

    Warm Regards,

    Vaishali Wadhwa,

    M/O Rudrika Wadhwa and Rudransh Wadhwa (Class I-B)

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