The school follows a dynamic curriculum based on the guidelines of NEP 2020, in order to make learning a holistic, integrated, enjoyable and engaging experience for students. It envisages to cultivate physically strong, mentally keen and emotionally mature, well-integrated individuals. In addition to conforming strictly to the guidelines set by CBSE, the school curriculum offers a wide range of subjects catering to the varied interests of the pupils. Apart from the traditional subjects that facilitate cognitive development of the child, the curriculum offers a host of activity based courses of study and learning programmes that make learning a joyful experience. 

The curriculum also incorporates subjects like General Knowledge, Moral Science, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Financial Education etc. that not only keep students abreast of the latest developments taking place in this vibrant world they live in but also help shape a generation of responsible citizens of India that place nation before self. 

The curriculum is periodically revised and updated to suit the changing demands of the society and the economy. It aims to develop an army of sensitive sentinels that can fight for a cleaner, greener and healthier environment.



The syllabus prescribed at the secondary level (IX & X) is two years integrated course.

Subjects                  Code

English (Lang. & Lit.) - 184

Hindi (Course A) - 002

Mathematics Standard - 041

Mathematics Basic - 241

Science - 086

Social Science - 087

 Information Technology - 402

 Artificial Intelligence - 417

Subjects of Internal Assessment:

1. Art Education

2. Health & Physical Education

The syllabus prescribed at the Senior Secondary level (XI & XII) is two years integrated course. Students need to take only those subjects in Class XI which they intend to continue in Class XII.

Students must choose minimum five subjects

Compulsory Subject  Code

English Core - 301

Elective Subjects:


1. History - 027

2. Political Science - 028

3. Geography - 029

4. Economics  - 030

5. Hind Music Vocal  - 034

6. Psychology - 037

7. Mathematics - 041

8. Physics - 042

9. Chemistry - 043

10. Biology  - 044 

11. Physical Education - 048

12. Painting - 049

13. Business Studies - 054

14. Accountancy - 055

15. Computer Science - 083

16. Hindi Core - 302

Subjects of Internal Assessment:-

1. Work Experience - 500

2. Health & Physical Education - 502

3. General Studies - 503

  • My daughter really performed well in her presentation on Healthy vs Junk food. All credit goes to her mentors. I really appreciate the initiative taken by the school for the improvement of students' overall development. I wish the teachers and the PPS society a very good luck for their future endeavors. 

    Warm Regards,

    Vaishali Wadhwa,

    M/O Rudrika Wadhwa and Rudransh Wadhwa (Class I-B)

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