Education is the most powerful instrument of  transformation, both at the individual as well as community level.  It ignites human mind and opens the doors to self- awareness. Dispelling darkness of ignorance, education widens the horizons of human mind and imbues it with enduring human values of compassion, humility, steadfastness, integrity etc.

This enables the child to triumph over narrow prejudices and restrictive personal limitations. A child with an evolved consciousness can effortlessly  control, monitor, evaluate and execute actions that not only aid individual growth but also contribute to the welfare of all.

During the formative years in school,focus should be on  cultivation of mind, that lays a strong foundation for the intellectual,emotional and spiritual growth of children .Education thus provided in due course transforms them into empowered and informed individuals who can freely and fearlessly express themselves. They become the change that they want to see in the society. Their constant and constructive engagement with their surroundings ultimately brings in transformation in the society.

  • My daughter really performed well in her presentation on Healthy vs Junk food. All credit goes to her mentors. I really appreciate the initiative taken by the school for the improvement of students' overall development. I wish the teachers and the PPS society a very good luck for their future endeavors. 

    Warm Regards,

    Vaishali Wadhwa,

    M/O Rudrika Wadhwa and Rudransh Wadhwa (Class I-B)

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