Education aims at empowering the children with knowledge. However, imparting knowledge in vacuum will not stand the test of time unless children are given insightful lessons in all practical aspects of life. As such, the school makes an endeavour to provide students with ample opportunities and avenues to analyze and assess the raw life beyond the boundaries of classrooms.

What the child experiences in the world outside must validate and cement the textual knowledge gained in school. This calls for a 'demand and supply' relationship between educational institutions and the society wherein the learning centers supply what the society requires. Since the society is dynamic and evolving the education that our children receive must reflect this dynamism by incorporating the changes required in the curriculum time to time. When this convergence happens education becomes meaningful and purposeful.


  • My daughter really performed well in her presentation on Healthy vs Junk food. All credit goes to her mentors. I really appreciate the initiative taken by the school for the improvement of students' overall development. I wish the teachers and the PPS society a very good luck for their future endeavors. 

    Warm Regards,

    Vaishali Wadhwa,

    M/O Rudrika Wadhwa and Rudransh Wadhwa (Class I-B)

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